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The cities to visit

Plaza de España building with its colourful ceramics in the city tour of Seville.

The main Andalusian capital has so much to enjoy! You could choose to do our private tour to the UNESCO monuments, the most special areas like Santa Cruz, or the riverside with so much history. But you could also experience food, wine, olive oil and iberian ham!

Generalife old construction surrounded by the evergreen gardens in the Alhambra tour.

The last city to be conquered by the Christians has the Alhambra Palace Private Tour not to be missed. Then you could enjoy the old city center or the Sacromonte and Albaicyn genuine areas. But also food, wine and flamenco!

Ancient roman bridge over the river in Cordoba and the fortress.

The ancient roman city has so much culture and history to discover! The Mosque-Cathedral is a unique monument, but the private tour of the Jewish Quarter, the synagogue and the amazing courtyards called “Patios” is just delightful!

Sealine way in the beach of the city centre of Cadiz with its with and yellow buildings include it in the tour.

The oldest city in Spain is like a cozy “Silver Cup”, with our local guide you could experience history, monuments, culture or tapas. But with a little drive, you could also enjoy our private tour to see Andalusian Horses dancing or taste the Sherry Wine!

Amazing view of the old stone bridge on the top of Ronda mountain which you would walk during the private tour.

The city where Picasso was born has culture, history and modern areas by the sea to relax and have fun with local guides to lead you. Then there is Ronda, a half day private tour to this small incredible town in the mountains!


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Scavenger hunts in Seville

Piece of an old map being hold by a few hands and pointing possible locations of the Scavenger Hunt Tour.


Get to discover Seville main locations, culture and historical background while solving riddles and having fun. You could do it as family, as group of friends or as colleagues wanting to team up!

Alexia taking a picture in one of the many beautiful locations in Andalucia.


Private guided tours in Andalusia

You want memories that will last a lifetime and a thrilling journey that will bring you closer together.


You don’t want to just ‘see the sites’ – you want to immerse yourselves in the beauty of Andalusia.


Whether you are interested in history, architecture, or how to eat the perfect tapa, We have you covered! We are ready to take you around, for one day or the duration of your trip.


Delight in the sights, sounds, and smells of Andalusia: a location on earth that straddles two continents -Europe and Africa- and has been home to great empires (Roman, Muslim, and Christian). In a place like this, it’s important to have a local friend who can help you to navigate, all the while ensuring you the most personal experience possible. We will fascinate you with the story of Andalusia and its culture. We will wander with you in our roads, and host you in our favorite restaurants off the tourist track. If your interest is modern culture and politics, discovering the very best new Andalusia, or anything in between, we’ll tailor-make a trip just for you. With us, you’ll get knowledgeable, experienced, and very friendly time.


Accredited local guide

I’ve always had a passion for languages and different cultures. Time spent working in Denmark, Mozambique and Italy convinced me that I had to incorporate travel into my career, or expend my time with travelers.


I love to immerse myself in the tours I organize. Andalusia has so much to offer and although I got born here it always has something more to find out. I’m a very curious person, always willing to discover something new and taking the most of it every day of my life.

Alexia smiling in the narrow streets of Santa Cruz Area in Seville during a tour with her handmade fun.



  • We had a fabulous experience in Seville thanks to Alexia. She listened to us and went with our pace. Going to the bell tower of the Cathedral, touring the Alcazar, walking and walking.... tapas tasting as well. I would highly recommend her!

    Jennifer Raike Avatar Jennifer Raike
  • Alexia guida perfetta …passione e amore puro per la sua terra !!

    Delfina Plebani Avatar Delfina Plebani
  • Thank you so much! We all loved having you for our guide!

    pat pollard Avatar pat pollard
  • Alexia guided my wife and I on a tremendous and comfortable tour. She was not only extremely easy to talk to, but also a wealth of knowledge and made our time fly by! Alexia encompasses what it means to be from Seville and it shows in the way she speaks about the city. Alexia not only provides the must try tapas, but also enlightens you on the history behind it. Five stars, would 100% recommend!

    John Prusiecki Avatar John Prusiecki
  • La visita fue excelente y con la Guía de Alexia fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora.

    Cuca Lovegrove Avatar Cuca Lovegrove
  • Alexia was an extremely informative, personable, and enthusiastic guide. We had the pleasure of her sharing her knowledge with our family of five (with kids aged 16, 21, & 23) for 2 days and really missed her when we moved on through Spain. She spent the 1st day giving us the historical highlights of Seville and the 2nd magical day took us out of Seville for tours with her special contacts at family owned olive orchards and vineyards for a beautiful, intimate experience that was a highlight in our 10 days of privately guided tours in Spain. Highly recommend!

    Tori Springate Avatar Tori Springate
  • Abbiamo visitato Siviglia in compagnia di Alexia. Siamo stati rapiti dalla sua preparazione e dal suo modo di raccontare. Per farci conoscere la Siviglia di oggi, è partita dalle sue radici profonde, dalle invasioni, distruzioni, ricostruzioni, dal passaggio di tanti e questo ci ha aperto gli occhi e resa chiara l’identità di questa meravigliosa città. La visita a Plaza de Toros ha appassionato i ragazzi perché è riuscita a coinvolgerli e a far conoscere a fondo i protagonisti di questa antica tradizione. Grazie Alexia, ci hai dato tanto! E’ sicuramente grazie a te che abbiamo amato questa città! Ilaria

    Federico Di Pasquale Avatar Federico Di Pasquale
  • Ho organizzato la visita con Alexia da Milano grazie ad un passaparola. I tempi di contatto sono stati brevissimi abbiano utilizzato wa . Il giorno prima ci siamo sentite per definire l'appuntamento e il giorno della visita è stata puntualissima. Il mio gruppo era composto da 4 adulti 3 adolescenti e un ragazzino di 13 anni. Alexia ha tenuto l'attenzione sempre viva per tutte le 3 ore di visita. Ci ha raccontato Siviglia, dalle origini,alla storia, alle conquiste, all'architettura e alle curiosità con una passione che solo chi ama ciò che fa e dove vive può trasmettere. Il suo italiano è perfetto. Alexia non si è risparmiata in nulla e su nostra richiesta ci ha prenotato uno spettacolo di flamenco e 2 cene in luoghi ripici di ottima cucina. Chi ha voglia di farsi trascinare nell'anima della città dovrebbe chiamarla

    Valeria Mangiacavalli Avatar Valeria Mangiacavalli
  • La recente esperienza in Andalusia è stata molto piacevole, grazie anche alle guide che con la loro professionalità e competenza, ci hanno fatto apprezzare questo bellissimo paese. Un grazie a tutti ed un arrivederci...

    paola AUDISIO Avatar paola AUDISIO
  • Alexia ci ha guidati nella scoperta della città. Chiara, precisa molto professionale è stata indispensabile per capire meglio il contesto politico, storico e culturale. La consiglio assolutamente.

    Fabrizio Maselli Avatar Fabrizio Maselli



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